About Us

About Craft-Weekend.com.

The development of the Internet has made it easier for anyone to collect information. However, the amount of information we can process alone is limited, and it takes a huge amount of time to make the most appropriate decision. Craft-Weekend.com's project was started in 2008 to enable consumers to make quick and good decisions. It's still in halfway, but we are making improvements every day.

We focus on the following three things when developing

1. Coverage.

Make it possible to compare all products. Users can easily compare all products and services which have been released thus far. We can easily solve the problems of those who want to choose high-performance products or highly-rated services, those who want to know what is different between old models and new models, or those who want to choose products or services which have only the features they truly require.

2. Fairness.

Perform impartial and objective ratings. We do away with prejudices and biases as much as is possible in our evaluations with ratings based on our unique evaluation standards. In addition, we reevaluate these evaluation standards every time a new product or service is released and, if there are any changes, update our ratings for all products and services. Therefore, even products which were released several years ago can be impartially compared with new models thanks to ratings which are based on the newest evaluation standards.

3. Trustness.

Create trustworthy evaluation standards. Our evaluation standards are created and updated based on the overall analysis and user ratings of a product, as well as expert feedback. We are constantly working on daily improvements and giving our utmost efforts to achieve more precise ratings that our users can trust.

How the site is funded

Craft-Weekend.com is free for everyone to use because we believe that improving the level of judgment of all can improve human productivity and contribute to progress. The site is funded by advertisng and affiliate marketing. When you purchase something after clicking on a link to Amazon, Yahoo, eBay, or other merchants, Craft-Weekend.com receives a small commission. It's only small, but it adds up! Please read our affiliate marketing disclosure for more information.

About buying through Craft-Weekend.com

Craft-Weekend.com does not sell products directly. It acts as an affiliate of Amazon, Yahoo, eBay or other merchants. All purchases are made directly with these companies. If you have an enquiry about products or orders, please contact to those customer services.